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Does your computer or laptop have a Virus, Malware, or popups?  We can remove the infection and stop popups or sus computer behavior.
Have an email account you want on your phone or computer?  We can configure your email account with Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, EmClient, or any program you want.
Have several email addresses?  They can be forwarding to one address or as text messages.
Forgot your computer password and now you're locked out?  We can unlock your computer.
Forgot your phone pin or pattern and cant use your phone now?  We can unlock your phone.
Is your PC slow, not responding or running out of disk space?  We can tune it up and make it good as new!
Do you need software or hardware installed on your laptop or computer?  We can do it  all for you.
Need to reinstall or upgrade Windows on your computer?  We can do both, as well as preserve your data so nothing is lost.
Purchased a new computer and need some assistance in setting it up and customizing it for you?  Just tell us what you want done do it, we can also migrate data from your old computer to your new one.
Need help configurating your smart phone or installing apps?  We can do it for you.
We can troubleshoot your entire computer system, components and software to find the source of any problems.
Lost data on a crashed computer or accidentally deleted?  We can recover your precious files.
Avoid a disaster  with your files!  Secure data backups available for offline or in the cloud.
Don't let your devices become outdated.  Upgrade your PC, laptop, smart phone  and tablet so you can always be up to date!
Have a crashed computer?   We can analyze and diagnose the issue and give it back to you working and repaired.
Do you need a replacement part because something broke or got lost?  We can re-order manufacturer replacement parts.
Need help in person?  Our onsite support is available for your different situations.
Need help but too far away, or at late hours?  Our remote support is available at all times.
Yearly support and maintenance plans available to lock in lower rates.
Do you want to have a website, blog, gallery, or online store?  We can design and host your site with custom email addresses!
Documentation of a procedure, user guide  or anything that needs to be written up with or with out screenshots/photo. Annotation of image files available. Final product as PDF, or printed and binded
Need custom software, modules, addons, scripts, integrations made?   We can write anything you need!

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